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Vertical PVC pipe gardens


Photo Credit: Future Growing

Vertical Gardening is a great idea for small spaces.  There are many different ways to grow a vertical garden, and I'll occasionally post more idea photos of different vertical gardens.  I esspecially like this one because of it's location, in one of the busiest airports in the US!  Simple PVC pipe planting containers are easy to make and hang.  All you really need to make your own PVC vertical planter is a larger diameter pipe, and endcape piece for the bottom, and a wire hanger, chain, or strong twine to hang it from.  Cut the pipe to the height you want.  Drill large bore holes in your pipe every 4-6 inches and stagger them around the pipe.  Drill two or three small holes at the top and attach your wire, twine or chain.  Fill the pipe with potting soil or compost/soil mix, and plant your seedlings in each hole.  Hang the pipe from the corner of your home, porch, patio or shed. 

Plants that work well in vertical gardens like this are Herbs, Strawberries, and many varieties of leaf lettuce, and greens.  Check out this indoor vertical PVC pipe garden at O'Hare Airport in Chicago:



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